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Property Management & Rental Services

Our property management services, provides:

  • Condo and single family house management

  • 2-4 Unit residential management

  • 5+ Commercial management

Rental services can be provided as a part of the property management bundle or separately, and include:

  • Professional marketing

  • Property showing

  • Tenant screening

  • Lease documentation

Construction and Rehab Coordination Services

We provide a comprehensive construction and rehab coordination services that would keep the owners on the top of all decisions but eliminates the need for their physical presence on or off the site. Our service include:​

  • Serving as the primary point of contact between the owners and all contractors

  • Coordination of the day-to-day activities of the project

  • Facilitate effective communication and collaboration between the owner and contractors

  • Receive and maintain accurate records of all contractual agreements, invoices, change orders, and other project-related documentation

  • Coordinate and monitor the activities of contractors.

  • Regularly update the Owner on the progress of the project, summarizing project status, highlighting key accomplishments.

  • Coordinate and schedule regular meetings between the Owner and contractors to address project updates, concerns, and resolve any disputes or conflicts that arise during the construction process.

  • Assist the Owner in evaluating change requests and variations from the original project scope.

  • Coordinate with contractors to assess the impact of proposed changes on cost, schedule, and overall project objectives.

  • Communicate any approved changes to relevant parties and update project documentation accordingly.

  • Updated project schedules, indicating any changes or deviations from the original plan.

Purchase and Sales Services
  • Multifamily and Mixed-Use properties

1031 Exchange

In a successful 1031 Exchange, timing is everything! In co-operation with legal and tax partners, we help clients to meet the 1031 Exchange deadlines by selling and finding the like-kind properties that meet the requirements of the 1031 Exchange.

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