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Kaveh Jafarabadi

Kaveh Jafarabadi, is a licensed real estate broker in Illinois, a Member of Chicago Association of Realtors - CAR-  and the managing broker of Broker Hill LLC. 

 He is specialized in:

  • Real Estate Sales (Residential and Multifamily Commercial)

  • Property Management and Rental

  • Real Estate Investment 

  • Real Estate Syndication


Empowered by his eight year background in IT industry and enabled by his through understanding of creating maximized online marketing exposure, real estate pricing and negotiation skills, Kaveh has repeatedly achieved the shortest market times for his rental and sales listing clients in Chicago.

Kaveh's methodic approach towards income properties and cash flow investment comes from his passion for real estate sydication, investment and development and is backed up by his 7000+ hours studies in those fileds. To learn more about Kaveh's investment services click here

On his free time, Kaveh enjoys spending time with his family and friends, reading books, playing music and networking with successful entrepreneurs in a variety of fields.